Project #3 Fan Culture – HOCC

Denise Ho Wan-See

Denise Ho Wan-See, also known as HOCC, is a famous Hong Kong Cantopop singer. Besides a singer, she is also a songwriter, actress, producer, blogger, socialmediaer, and entrepreneur (described by herself on her Facebook). She starts singing and fighting since 2001, when her debut EP 《first.》was published. In the same year, she established her personal brand “Goomusic”, which owns all the copyright of her own-written songs. Later on, she starts to call herself “Ho Goo”. During these years, she got numbers of awards and also fans.

Ho is very modest and has a low-key attitude. Inside Facebook, there’re only 41,732 fans. Although the number is not bigger than many pop stars in Hong Kong, her fans support her very much.

Fans' Supporting on Facebook

Fans' Supporting on Facebook

The picture above shows some fans of Ho forwarded a link titled “HOCC Facebook Activity: Once you join the FANPAGE, HOCC donates HK$1!”. HOCC CHARITY FUND Limited is founded in 2007 by Denise Ho Wan See. As a charitable institution, the foundation aims to offer help through services and donations to as many people in need as possible, be it small children, youths, or the elderly. With sufficient funding, they would also extend further to promoting kindness and prevention of cruelty to animals. Under the foundation, they have their own team of over 350 volunteers. From time to time, they work closely with other charitable organizations, for example, OXFAM and HEEP HONG SOCIETY, etc, to provide more welfare services to the underprivileged.



Because of her modesty and kind-heart, fans devoted themselves on her, so as me~ 😉

Kind-hearted Ho Goo

Kind-hearted Ho Goo

Join us and be goo!



New TDM Program

Group Members: Sonia Chan, Tracy Chan, Cathy Lo, Vanessa Chan

Title: Be Careful! You are the ONE!

Type: Reality gags show

Target audience: General public

Time: 15 minutes

Camera: Three hand-held cameras

Description: A creative team designs several gags to trick a specific person, who can be a celebrity or ordinary person chosen by audience through sending letter to the production team.

Shot analysis

Over-the-Shoulder shot

Close Shot

Selective Focus

Key Light + Fill Light + Back Light + Background Light


This is a very interesting clip from Facebook, in which thousands of famous logos are used to form the city, the earth, and even the space.

I appreciate the kind of imagination to associate things together very much.

Just want to share with you guys.^v<

CAUTION: Dirty words included! Please make sure not to affect the others beside especially kids! 😉


Different People, Same Song, Sound Peaceful!

Audio Mixing

Today’s work:

Imagination and Creativity

Creativity comes from Imagination.

This is a re-edited TV advertisement, which made with good Imagination.

Let’s watch the original one first. 
This is made for encouraging citizens to express their views and suggestions on the Budget of Hong Kong government.

About a month ago, a re-edit version of this advertisement was posted on Facebook for sharing, which brought lots of “share” and “like”.
The new version is simply adjusted the speed, color tone, sound effect and background music, but a totally different atmosphere was created.

I like this example very much! and I’d like to make one like this by myself! (of course, not the same advertisement ;P)